Yldune Lévy released from prison

SNCF Sabotage:  Julien Coupat’s partner is released from prison

Le Monde, January 16, 2009  3:27pm


On Friday the 16th of January, the Paris court of appeals ordered the release on bail of Yldune Lévy, one of the suspects in the investigation of vandalism of high-speed railways lines.  Julien Coupat’s partner left Fleury-Mérogis (Essone) Prison shortly after 6:30pm. “Right now I want to be home with my parents and I hope Julien gets out very soon,” the young woman stated.

On Wednesday, the examining magistrate in charge of the investigation had ordered the young woman’s release on bail. The court immediately repealed this decision. On Friday, chief examiner Norbert Gurtner invalidated the imprisonment, judging that emergency rulings were not justified.

“This is a major setback for the court, for the Minister of Justice and for the Minister of the Interior, who from the beginning have tried to turn this case into a political-media spectacle,” said the young woman’s lawyer, Steeve Montagne, who was visibly moved at the press conference.

Yldune Levy’s release remains to be confirmed by the examining court in Paris next Friday, where the move to repeal it will be further investigated. Meeting this time as a body (with another judge and two assistant magistrates), this division of the court of appeals is in no way obligated to follow the presiding judge’s Friday arrest. It will have to choose between confirming Yldune Levy’s release and ordering her re-incarceration.

Only Julien Coupat, Yldune Levy’s partner and the group’s supposed ringleader, remains in prison. Held since November 15th, his release was granted by one judge in mid-December, but this decision was then annulled by the examining court’s emergency ruling. The case concerns the sabotage of the SNCF’s TGV railways on the nights of November 7th and 8th. Hooks fabricated with iron rebar had been placed along several electrical lines.

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