Summons for examination of witnesses in Berlin and Hamburg three people in Germany received an order to appear in the court of Berlin, resp. Hamburg next week to speak out against comrades in France. None of them will speak to the judge, in both places collective public appearances will take place. You find the call out for the thing in Berlin below, the Hamburg text is not translated so far, but the idea is pretty much the same.

As well you will find here a text written after the Berlin police was sent to the house of one of these comrades to steal her handwriting for a comparison with a letter found with one of the people in the Tarnac proceedings. The attempt was not successful so far.

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The connection you desired is permanently disrupted

In the middle of June two autonomous received mail from the court in Berlin. In juridical support of the Grande Instance de Paris they are ordered to speak out as witnesses against nine comrades in some french proceedings. What is it all about?

November 11th 2008 a large scale razzia took place in the french village of Tarnac. Ten people were arrested under terrorist suspicion, meanwhile all of them are out, but face strict bail conditions. They are said to have formed »Invisible cells« and put socalled hook claws – Hakenkrallen – into the overhead power lines of several TGV trainlines. In the following a lot of trains were not running and damage done ran into the millions. Nearly simultaneously there noumerous arsons on train signals of the Bahn AG occured in Germany.

A communiqué written in German, send amongst other places to the german Newspaper taz, relates the actions in both countries to the nuclear Castor transport, that was on its way to Gorleben at the time: »Because we are fed up with it, we directed our anger against the transportation network of nuclear waste this morning.« Meanwhile, in french publications neither police nor media or the accused themselves connect the sabotage to the resistance against nuclear waste transports. Instead, the actions were clearly seen in the light of growing social tensions. Again and again a book is mentioned that one of the accused is said to be one of the athors.

»The coming insurrection« speaks about rebelling against a triste and unreal present and calls to concretely prepare for the revolt that will inevitably take off. The nervous reactions to the acts of sabotage, the inflationary talk about terror and the massive media hype all nurish the impression, that the organs of state security and the political class agree to this thesis – and start to fear for their quietness a little bit accordingly…

Now, where do we come into play here? Why this leaflet? The two comrades from Berlin that were ordered to speak out as witnesses now were mentioned in a police report of the french investigators in the Tarnac proceedings by the beginning of the year already. The respective paragraph describes the occasionaly widespread practice in Germany to sabotage nuclear transports with hook claws. It also mentions investigations the german police lead 10 years ago (the files are closed today, the proceedings never made it to the courts) that got a bit famous under the working title »Goldene Hakenkralle«- investigations that were amongst others directed against the two ordered as witnesses.

We will use this not completely free chosen opportunity to send messages of solidarity from the much too quiet Berlin to the comrades in Tarnac at the day of the order. Join us!

Thursday. July 16th 11 o´clock at the french embassy, Pariser Platz

After this groundbreaking spectacle we invite you to drive to the court with us and do what people in this society so often do: say nothing together.

But we do send greetings of solidarity to the two comrades that were arrested in Italy some days ago for sabotage using hook claws. Together with other 35 persons they are said to belong to an »Insurrectional Internationale«.

Here and there and everywhere: They will not get through!

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[Berlin] Serialized Novel „hook claw“

Today: Provincial criminal police searches the house of a witness and yet doesn’ t search it

What happened so far: November 2008 | Castor season | abrupt standstills of trains in France and Germany | spectacular arrests under terroris laws in France | exorbitant media hullabaloo | politicians try to present the threat evolving social war puts to their position as the world being threatened by the anarcho-autonomous movement – insurrectional intentions, dangerous books | few are scared – instead union demonstrations end in streetfights, bossed are taken hostage | in June the last of those incarcerated gets out of prison under strict bail conditions | is Sarkozy losing his teeth?

The next stage in this play of bureaucratic tristesse is set in Germany. In Berlin and Hamburg people were called to witness summons.

On July 16th 2009 the french investigators wish to talk to Berlin autonomous, a day later to a comrade in Hamburg. A dearest wish obviously that cannot wait. Alraedy in the evening of the 7th eight offizers of the Berlin police stand in front of the house of our friend intending to search it. They want to capture handwriting specimen of hers to compare it with a letter found with one of the comrades accused in France, and – as they assume and want to prove – signed with her name.

At this point we have to disappoint you: This letter does neither contain the long desired magic words that will enable us to free us from those in power without any bloodshed, nor is it a fiery call to get rid of them right away tomorrow morning in a bloodbath. It is a letter that speaks of the joy to come across companions in other parts of the world, of exchanging ideas and inspiring each other, a longing soaked in reality that is expressed in the greeting „love & peace & petrolbombs“. A letter between comrades, so to speak.

Back to Instanzia: The handwriting specimen were not taken that day, as the room of our friend was not found, as she was not at home, and as her housemates did not show the slightest will to help the authorities. Perfect. Immidiately after this happened an evening discussion about solidarity with the militant group ‘mg’ offered the possibility to inform interested circles.

Retrospectively we came to the conclusion that this house search was an extraordinary soft one. We think that it proved to be advantageous at least in this case that we do not adhere to the standard in polit-circles to have little plates with names at the doors of our rooms: Why to contribute to a smooth process for the cops? Also, having NO nameplate can mean different ways to deal with the situation, actually it is the missing plate that allows for self-determined action in the very course of the situation. It still is possible to decide within a collective house that it is perfectly ok, if people who do not want to be affected by the search for different reasons immidiately point the respective room to the police. A nameplate is in no way more binding than what the people in the house say. The important thing is to talk about what people want to see happening in case of the police searching a collective place, how they think and feel about it. Without nameplates the decision remains with us, what we want to tell the cops in which way at what time.

To sum it up: Wrong rooms, nothing confiscated, everything is fine.

That’ s all for now. Find out how the story will further unfold live and in color on Thursday, July 16th 2009 at 11 o’clock in front of the french embassy in Berlin.

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