Why We Will No Longer Respect the Judicial Restraints Placed Upon Us

Le Monde, December 3, 2009: …nothing can prevent us from taking up our task once again, this time more widely, no doubt, than before: to re-elaborate a perspective that is capable of removing from us the state of collective impotence that strikes us all. Not exactly a political perspective; not a program; but [an analysis of] the technical and material possibilities of a practical route towards other connections with the world and other social connections, and this by being ready for the existing constraints, the actual organization of this society, its subjectivities as well as its infrastructures.

Because it is only through a keen knowledge of the obstacles to the upheaval that we will manage to clear the horizon. This will be a long-term task, and it doesn’t make any sense for us to pursue it alone. This is an invitation.

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